When is renters insurance required?

Moving into a new apartment or rental home is always a very exciting experience. When you are moving to a new place, there are many important responsibilities that you need to fully understand. One responsibility that you will likely have will be the need to have renters insurance in place. 

Required by Landlord and Lease

In the vast majority of situations, you will be required to carry renters insurance by your lease agreement. You will be required to carry this coverage for the entire term of your lease and the landlord may require that you provide evidence of coverage before you are able to move in. This could include requiring you to show that you have paid for at least one year’s worth of coverage in advance.

Why it is Required 

There are many reasons why a landlord will require that you have renters insurance in place. A renters insurance policy will provide both you and your landlord with a variety of different types of available protection. For the landlord, this will include providing them with coverage if you cause any damage to the property. It will also provide them with additional liability protection in the event you were found liable for some form of an accident.

Even if you find a landlord that does not require you to have renters insurance, it is still a good idea to have this coverage. The renter’s insurance policy that you received will provide you with coverage for both your personal property and liability should someone become injured.

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