Shaking Walls and Stereo Earthquakes

Teens love their music. Generation after generation has had to deal with teenagers who play their music loud. However, today’s teens probably have the most capability of doing something close to structural damage because the stereos they have are capable of literally shaking the walls, and that’s a real problem in a shared residential facility like a condominium. Whether it’s a stereo, exercise equipment, an entertainment system or similar, anything that generates big noise and bass is going to cause vibrations, and they will carry through the walls to the neighbors.

The first defense for an affected condo resident is to use the condominium association to enforce the residential rules. However, that approach typically only deals with behavior and not the outcomes. The second step, if a clear responsibility can be linked, is to talk to the responsible party when damage has been caused. Some folks will immediately take responsibility, deal with the problem, and restore the status quo. However, if no cooperation is possible, and the condo owner has no idea where the cause is coming from, the owner’s condo insurance policy may or may not be an option.

A lot depends on what kind of terms the current condo insurance policy covers. Some are bare bones and only deal with structural issues like a burst pipe or frame break. Other policies are far more robust and cover unexpected damage to property for all sorts of problems, including noise vibration. There is no one standard, so a Tigard, OR resident has to do a bit of research. To help find clarity, PorchLight Insurance can help. Our staff is well-trained and experienced in policy comparisons and matching various products to specific condo owner needs. Give PorchLight Insurance a call today to find out how we can help.