How Much Comprehensive Auto Insurance Do You Need?

Most people know that car insurance is a requirement, but you may not know how much coverage you actually need. Even if you have full coverage insurance with comprehensive, you may not know which coverage amount to select. So, what instances would you need a higher amount, and when should you choose the lowest amount?

Choosing Comprehensive Coverage Amounts

Selecting to have comprehensive insurance doesn’t always offer the protection you may need while on the road. Comprehensive will cover items such as damage from storms or theft. If you have a vehicle with a higher price tag, you should elect to choose comprehensive coverage close to the value of your vehicle. If you have an older car, or you bought an economy car that you have had for some time, you may want to select a lower amount. Consult with your auto insurance agent to discover which options are right for your situation.

Getting The Best Auto Insurance

You always want to make sure you are working with an insurance agency that will have your best interest in mind. That means selecting an auto insurance provider that will sit down with their clients and explain the options that will deliver the most coverage for their specific needs. If you are located around the Tigard or Portland, OR area, consider consulting PorchLight Insurance. We will outline products that will give you protection and reliability. 

Don’t guess when it comes to comprehensive coverage. Get the facts from PorchLight Insurance serving the residents in and around the Portland, OR area. Call or stop by today for more details and to speak with a knowledgeable representative. 

Should I tell My Auto Insurance Provider After I Upgrade My Car

So, you finally decided to spring for that upgrade to your vehicle. Maybe you decided to go with the new stereo system, or perhaps with larger rims and spoilers. You love the way the car looks and sounds, so now you’re done with the auto upgrades for the time being. The next question you need to ask yourself is whether or not to tell your insurance provider about the upgrades. When living in or around Tigard, OR, PorchLight Insurance can help you decide. 

Insurance Will Likely Go Up

First of all, yes, your insurance price will likely increase. This is because the value of your vehicle likely went up at the same time. The larger rims or new stereo system increases the value of the vehicle and, often times, it also increases the chance of auto theft as well. So yes, your auto insurance policy will likely increase in cost. 

Added Protection

The slight increase is there to protect your vehicle add-ons. If you are in an accident and need to have the vehicle repaired, your insurance policy will not cover the add-ons. If you installed spoilers but the policy doesn’t have spoilers listed on your make and model, you will not have this covered and you’ll need to pay out of pocket. Basically, you’ll be forced to buy the add-on a second time. Due to this, it is almost always best to inform your insurance provider when you upgrade your vehicle. 

After opting for aftermarket upgrades on your vehicle, you now need to decide whether or not to tell your auto insurance provider. It really comes down to if you want to protect the new features you just added. At PorchLight Insurance, whether you live in or around Tigard, OR, the team can help you decide the right move and help you update your insurance policy. Contact our office for more information.